Parents & Caregivers

Learning begins long before children start school and teaching isn’t just for teachers.

No matter how we interact with young children – whether we’re first-time parents, grandparents or involved friends and neighbors – we all play an important role in giving them a great start.

The research-based Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines provide descriptions for what children can know and are able to do so that everyone who interacts with young children can prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Find out more about kids’ learning and development by following the links below. They provide examples of what children typically do at a certain ages and suggestions for how adults can support their development.


Note: It is important to arrange for regular health and developmental exams with a health care provider. These are usually part of a well-child visit and can include vision, hearing and oral health screenings.

Questions? Concerns?

The Guidelines describe how a typical child develops but it is important to understand that each child learns and develops at his or her own individual pace. Since each child is different, caregivers should talk with a health care provider or other trusted professional about any questions or concerns. For more information about questions or concerns you may have, please contact us.