Guidelines Partners

The Early Learning and Development Guidelines Advisory Board consisted of a wide variety of stakeholders, including representatives from state and national organizations, local early childhood providers, higher education, early learning professionals, and others.

The Advisory Board met numerous times as a whole and in workgroups to ensure the resulting guidelines reflect a strong research base, enhance existing early childhood systems in Colorado, and meet the needs of diverse audiences and purposes.

The Guidelines were reviewed and advised by both state and national experts with knowledge of early childhood development and teaching practice, as well as specific content areas.

The following individuals and organizations provided valuable guidance and contributed to the development of the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines.


Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission Early Learning and Development Guidelines Advisory Board:

  • Rosemarie Allen
  • Lori Goodwin Bowers
  • Michelle Boyer
  • Barry Cartwright
  • Heather Dubiel
  • Amy Engleman
  • Jodi Hardin
  • Pamela Harris, Ph.D
  • Lenita Hartman
  • Anna Jo Haynes
  • Jo Koehn
  • Fernando Pineda-Reyes
  • Bryan Sevier
  • Jennifer Stedron
  • Ayelet Talmi
  • Heather Tritten
  • Nan Vendegna

Members of the Colorado early childhood community reviewed drafts of the Guidelines. Their unique perspective and understanding of Colorado’s early childhood programs is reflected throughout the document. We gratefully acknowledge them for their service.

  • Rashida Bannerjee, Ph.D.
  • Ellen Hall
  • Janet Humphreys
  • Office of Early Learning and School Readiness
  • Office of Standards and Instructional Support
  • Dr. Steve Vogler, MD
  • Jane Walsh
  • Dr. Toni Linder
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Isebel Arellano

Additionally, we’d like to recognize members of the early childhood community at the national level for their time in reviewing drafts of the Guidelines.