What are the Guidelines

The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines describe the path of children’s learning and development from birth to eight years old. They’re designed so that everyone who cares for young children can play an important part in giving Colorado’s kids a healthy start.

The Guidelines are based on research and bring together widely accepted strategies to help children develop successfully. For the first time, experts from across Colorado have woven together their knowledge about these important years. As a result, the Guidelines are aligned with and help connect existing programs to create a coordinated approach to learning and development.

The Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines are a helpful resource whether you’re a first-time parent or caregiver — or an experienced professional. The Guidelines describe kids’ abilities at certain ages and offer tips for how adults can help develop and support those abilities.

The Guidelines offer different levels of detail and support for people with different levels of expertise. You can learn practical tips in just a few minutes or explore the complete Guidelines in much more detail.