Independence and Growing Up

By: Matt, Feb 21, 2020

Being a dad to three children has been a very rewarding, and at times, a very challenging life experience. As our oldest son heads off to Kindergarten for the first time, it’s far more emotional for me than it is for him. The first time we walked to the bus stop, I assumed he’d be anxious and hesitant to leave my side. But as he strode toward the bus and into the vehicle, he never looked back. It was a proud moment for me, but it was also heartbreaking to watch him walk off into the world alone for the first time. When he came home he was so excited to tell me all about his day, the new friends he had made, and his new teacher. I was happy to know that my wife and I had done a good job preparing him for this type of independence…maybe a bit too well (lol).

My family is very fortunate to live near supportive grandparents and extended family—we’ve always had help when we needed it. But nothing can prepare you for the budding independence of a child. My daughter will soon follow her brother to the bus stop, and I’ll have to do my best to hold back the tears.