Infants four to eight months old are becoming more alert and mobile. They learn about their world through their senses and emerging physical skills. Babies at this age are gaining muscle strength and may achieve a series of physical milestones, including head control and sitting up, which is later followed by creeping or crawling. They explore objects with their mouth and by kicking, reaching, grasping, pulling, and letting go. They delight in discovering new skills and may become deeply engrossed in practicing a newly discovered skill repeatedly. Young infants are skillful at attracting and holding the attention of those around them. They can smile, laugh, coo, and reach out to engage their parents and other caregivers. They love to listen and respond to language by imitating the sounds and rhythms of what they hear.

For some specific examples of these indicators within each domain and what you can do to support children, visit the parents & caregivers section for 4-8 months.

Download the Guidelines for children 4-8 months for complete descriptions of specific behaviors and suggested supports.