Structure of the Guidelines

The Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines are divided into three major sections: Birth–36 months; 3–5 years, and 5–8 years (grades K–3). Each section describes children’s development within a set of areas called domains. These domains differ somewhat for each age group and are shown in the graphic on the following page. The Guidelines begin with a narrative describing the first four months of a baby’s life. This is followed by a set of tables describing children’s abilities from ages 4 months to 5 years. These tables organize content within domains and subdomains and include indicators, examples, and suggested supports. Content for infants and toddlers is organized for children at 4–8 months, 9–18 months, and 19–36 months. Content for preschool-age children 3–5 years old is articulated as a single age span. The Guidelines conclude with a narrative describing the development of children in kindergarten through third grade.